Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Litchi-Strawberry-Blueberry fruit pudding.

The inspiration for this recipe (which was originally litchi pudding) comes from this amazing friend of mine Pooja Mohan. I knew her for about two years from my days in Muscat,but we were just hi and bye friends. Only after I shifted to Dubai did we became thick pals while chatting and realized we have so many things in common. She is another reason for me landing up in the kitchen the last place I want to be...LOL!!
I have this fascination for colours and layers... so I decided to add some more colours and flavours and of course layers to the pudding :)

Ingredients I used:

Milk :1litre
Agar Agar (instead of gelatine) : 10 gms
Condensed Milk : 100 gms
Fresh Litchi : 10
Fresh Strawberries : 6 medium sized ones.
Blueberry topping : 150 gms.
Fresh Blueberries: 2
Sugar : As per taste

I soaked the agar agar in sufficient water for about 10 mins.
Kept 1 litre milk to boil on the stove.
Blended the litchi and strawberries separately till smooth. (Initially I intended to do the same with the blueberries but had some leftover Blueberry topping so decided to use that instead :) )
Added the condensed milk  and sugar(as per your taste) and the drained agar agar to the boiling milk. Kept stirring on and off till the agar agar completely dissolved.
By this time I had my litchi, strawberry(since my girls like the strawberries sweet I added extra 2 tbsp of condensed milk) and blueberry topping ready in different bowls.
Divided the milk into the three bowls.
In a separate bowl first poured the blueberry mix, and as it set poured the strawberry mix over it and finally the litchi mix and let it set at room temperature.
I tried layering it out in glasses but I was a little slow and as it set quite fast and I had a few air bubbles :) However I thought it still looked good!
It had a mild flavour of all three and the kids loved it so nothing more rewarding for me.
Hope you enjoyed your visit here. Cheers and have a great day ahead!

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  1. Shantana, I grew up in Hawaii and loved litchi fruit! Its been so long since I've had any and this pudding makes me long to taste them again! I might be able to find canned litchi at our local asian store so that i can give this delicious treat a try! Hugs, Lynn

  2. What a beautiful desert! And I'm sure it is delicious too! <3 from South Africa!

  3. That looks so good and I love you images


  4. This looks so good - and so pretty!
    I hope you'll come join us at a special edition of our weekly Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) linkup here:

  5. That looks so wonder Diya and Hiya love it. I love the way you have used three different fruits here.:)

  6. I am sure it tastes as good as it looks, with all the delicious berries!

  7. Thanks for sharing at

  8. Thank you so much for sharing with "Through My Lens"

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Looks yummy!

  10. Looks so good --and HEALTHY. Thanks!!