Sunday, June 19, 2016

Potato with Apple Coleslaw

Apple                                    1/2 cup Julienned
Carrot                                    1/4 cup Julienned
Cabbage                               1/4 cup Julienned
Vinegar                                  2 tsp
Mayonnaise                           4 tbsp
Honey                                    2 tsp
Sesame seed                        1 tsp
Salt                                        to taste
Medium potatoes                   2
Sausage                                1/2 cup cut
Frozen peas                          1/4 cup
Frozen corns                         1/4 cup
Red, Orange Bell pepper       1 tbsp  Julienned
Black Olives                           1 tbsp                   
Coriander leaves                    chopped
Mozzarella cheese                  2 tbsp
Fresh ground peppercorns     1 tsp

Apple Coleslaw

In a bowl mix the julienned apple, carrot and cabbage, vinegar, mayonnaise, honey, sesame seed, coriander leaves, salt and keep aside.

In two bowls I added water and poured the frozen peas and corn separately and set the microwave on high for 8 mins and they were done. It could take more or less depending on the amount.

I guess everyone would bake the potatoes first but me being lazy as usual with no patience I just washed the potatoes well using a vegetable brush. Dried the potatoes with a paper towel and pierced them with the fork in a couple of places and used the microwave to boil them with their skin. I used two medium potatoes as I was preparing this for the kids. It took me about 6 mins.

While the potatoes are still hot cut them potatoes lengthwise from the middle with a knife but not separating them.

With a spoon just scoop the inside of the potato(but leaving it inside the potato) and mix 2 tsp of mozzarella cheese into the potato and mix well till you get the consistency of chewing gum.

Add the apple coleslaw, then top it up with the corn, peas, sausages, bell peppers, olives and coriander.
(The amount for the ingredients could differ as your preference like mine always does depending on my mood!!)

You can complement it with sliced cucumber, carrot and chopped coriander.

Serve it hot and since it was all healthy I though a little bit of chips could do no harm ;)

Cheers and have a great day ahead!!


  1. It looks delicious!
    Thanks for sharing at

  2. Hello, looks delicious. Yummy ingredients. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Never thought of trying some of these items on a potato. I am such a traditionalist. Butter, sourcream, salt, pepper, and sometimes cheese and bacon.

  4. Yum! I'm a vegetarian so will have to substitute my veggie sausage here, but it looks like something I need to try!

  5. When my kids were small, stuffed baked potatoes was one of their favorite meals...we liked them too. Broccoli and cheese or sausage or tuna mixed with the scooped potato and some cream... Yum. Your food photography is so good!

  6. Looks so delicious! And Diya and Hiya must be loving every bit of it!!