Monday, May 1, 2017

DIY Popsticks Tea Coasters

We haven’t been able to find any tea coasters that we really liked for our new home.With the kids home during the Easter break we decided to try making some instead. So we landed up making these colourful popsicle tea coasters(this was my elder one's idea).

Materials used:
Adhesive glue
Scotch tape
Popsticks (coloured or plain)
Jute string(you can use crochet or embroidery thread of any colour, completely your choice)

To start with, choose the popsticks of your favourite colours (or use the plain white coloured
ones).Place them together and run a scotch tape around the centre on both sides to keep them in place(but for people like me I prefer to do without it).
Use the jute string to interweave plain white coloured the popsticks. It should be tight enough to keep the popstickss in place .

As you reach the last Popstick interweave it backwards the same way.

We did three complete lines at a time. We finished it off by knotting the thread at the end.
Repeat interweaving the top, centre and bottom the same way. (The centre line is optional)

Add the embellishment to the corner of the tea coaster with glue and you have this beautiful,
colourful tea coaster ready!!

It's really very easy and you may want to try it out :) Cheers!!


  1. Looks like a fun craft for kids, too.
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  2. Wow, I loved the colors and the weaving..

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