Monday, January 8, 2018

Handcrafted Jewellery - Bracelets

It's been a very long time since I have been to bloggerland.Life has just been a roller coaster ride in the last few months of trying to settle down. I have found a new passion along all the chaos and am trying to turn that hobby to something to help me fulfil my desire to and travel!! ;)
That new found passion is jewellery making. During my stay in Dubai and while I was working with SNF (a school for the specially abled) I was lucky to have been in the company of my colleague the so very creative and talented Raquel who has been such an inspiration in my life and I got to learn the starting of Jewellery making and craft work from her. As I create every piece I still am thankful to her.
When we are so far away from family and friends at times the loneliness gets a bit too much and just to keep myself sane and be a little independent I started off with creating these pieces and thought they looked quite beautiful. I still seem surprised when I complete some of the pieces and I tell myself 'did I really create that'? Most of the photography is done by my 10 year of daughter Diya. From encouragement from my friends I started getting orders and so that's how I stated off!!
I would love to share my creations with you all here and would love to receive feedback to add on to my handcrafted creations. I am also accepting orders if you would just drop me a line at

I have these bracelets available at AUD $8. Handcrafted with love just for ‘YOU’!!

I have this fascination for blue and you may find it in most of my creations ;) This is a simple blue beaded bracelet.

This love bracelet with the evil eye can keep you safe ;)
Another butterfly blue and orange beaded bracelet...
This is a bali bead inspired bracelet...

This fairy wing beaded bracelet is my favourite!!

Waiting to hear from you soon :)

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