Thursday, September 5, 2019

Handmade Jewelry - my gemstone wire wrapped pendant

Been a very long long time since I visited bloggerland. Just been so caught up and the laziness in me has not allowed me time to be here. Hopefully am back now.

Since I was last here I have been doing a few creative things that have made me ''HAPPY". I say happy because at this age I guess it is only happiness that matters (atleast that's what I think :))
Relocation has never taken me so long to settle before. Here I am after almost 2 and 1/2 years still trying to settle down. The girls are growing way to fast.

At times it's a lonely feeling here and at times you feel just fine..mixed feelings maybe.
Between all this I started my tiny handmade jewelry business with just earrings and beads moving on to bracelets and neckpieces. However I was still not satisfied.
I kept searching the net for something that I would really like to try out. And then I came across some wire wrapping images and they really fascinated me! I kept wondering how they were made and kept searching and finally I came across Nicole Hanna. Nicole Hanna Jewelry

OMG!! I just went crazy when I saw her work. It was just amazing and I started following her work and free tutorials (I am so bad at following instructions that I always land up nowhere near the finished product in the tutorial).

So I ordered my wires online from Over The Rainbow and couldn't wait for them to arrive. I also ordered some gemstones since I was already making gemstone bracelets. I made my first wire wrapping pendant  in December last year but didn't have the guts to try out Nicole Hanna's work as it seemed so difficult. So I decided to try out Oxana Crafts tutorial which was just perfect for  a beginner like me. (I love trying out new things and that too with so much confidence that my girls always make fun of me. But that's just thee way I am!!) My first ever wire warp copper pendant using a Crazy Lace Agate Bead. I loved the way it turned out .What do you think about my first try?

Then I realized how easy it is to follow her tutorial. It was very simple and easy to understand though as usual I couldn't follow all the way but still very happy how it turned out.

I caught hold of my elder daughter Diya(who loves photography but dislikes clicking my photos so I need to bribe her at and take some pictures.

This is how my journey into wire wrapping started and I have become a BIG fan of Nicole Hanna. Not only do I love her work but for the amazing person that she is(we have the FB Live chats). She is so full of positivity and creativity!!What an inspiration she is to others and at the same time I love her sense of humour.

Then I become a wire wrapping addict...I try out more tutorials from the net and some slowly try to create some on my own.

I have friends ordering for them and sure feel happy that they find homes where handmade creations are valued more and these are all created with so much passion and love.

Here are a few of them. The orange ceramic is from  Kelly Jones tutorial.


I used a Kelly Jones Tutorial (with some changes) for this orange ceramic donut copper wire wrapped pendant.

to view my creations just click on the links below.
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Incase you have any queries or would like to order any of my creations please feel free to drop me a message

Hoping to start a website soon. Thank you so much for stopping by. Cheers!!
Wish you all a lovely day ahead!


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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

After a very long time we make a road trip!!During our Easter vacations we drove down from Sydney to Melbourne in Victoria to be with our friends from Muscat days.
It was a drive of almost 850 kms which took us almost 10 hours (Arun drove all the way...since I don't have a license here) but what a beautiful drive it was!!
We lost a lot of time in traffic as we started out from Sydney...much later than we planned (that's typical me..last minute packing and rushing around :))
What beautiful views as we drove and my phone was busy all the

The blue skies...



We finally reached late evening and as we reached our friend's place and met them we were as fresh as ever...meeting after almost three years and chatted late in to the night...laughing and giggling...

Next morning we were up early and decided to go for a walk to Jells Park at Waverly Hills and what a beautiful park it was...

The sun kept playing hide and seek all along..but we definitely enjoyed every moment there.
After a hearty brunch we head back home and catch up on sleep and enjoy a cup of tea and the kids enjoy their chocolate milk :)
Then we headed off to St. Kilda Beach and what an amazing sunset(for a sunset addict like me) we enjoy!!

This is my friend Priyanka who made sure we had an awesome time throughout our stay at her place.It started to get chilly and we left the beach and after a hearty dinner at Shopia's we headed back home.
The next day we were again up early and packed a picnic basket and we headed off to see the Twelve Apostles. 
The Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.
The apostles were formed by erosion. The harsh and extreme weather conditions from the Southern Ocean gradually eroded the soft limestone to form caves in the cliffs, which then became arches, which in turn collapsed; leaving rock stacks up to 50 metres high. Because of this erosion, there are eight Apostles remaining the ninth having collapsed dramatically in July 2005.

The countryside was wow!!!

We follow Priyanka's car at a distance enjoying all the views...
And finally after a  four hour drive(through short cuts) we finally were at the 12 Apostles.But what a disappointment with clouds hovering and no sun. However, after a while the sky cleared and the sun decided to make an appearance and we were really thrilled !!
We spent an hour or so taking pics and admiring the views and then we head back..

Beautiful views on the way...

And what a gorgeous sunset...
We reach back home and keep chatting and laughing till the early morning hours...
Next morning after having delicious breakfast prepared by Priyanka and filled to the brim we start off on our journey back around 11:30.As usual we have a dramatic cloudy sky giving us company...

What gorgeous views on the way...

We take short breaks throughout the way...stretching on and off...

The kids get hungry by evening and we stop for a quick burger and coffee at Mc Donalds and I see this beautiful view...

We carry on with our journey and as Arun drives on refusing to stop I have no options but to carry on clicking from the moving car like I did throughout the journey..
Capturing sunsets and views I will forever cherish and treasure in my heart!!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!! Cheers!!

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Handcrafted Jewellery - Bracelets

It's been a very long time since I have been to bloggerland.Life has just been a roller coaster ride in the last few months of trying to settle down. I have found a new passion along all the chaos and am trying to turn that hobby to something to help me fulfil my desire to and travel!! ;)
That new found passion is jewellery making. During my stay in Dubai and while I was working with SNF (a school for the specially abled) I was lucky to have been in the company of my colleague the so very creative and talented Raquel who has been such an inspiration in my life and I got to learn the starting of Jewellery making and craft work from her. As I create every piece I still am thankful to her.
When we are so far away from family and friends at times the loneliness gets a bit too much and just to keep myself sane and be a little independent I started off with creating these pieces and thought they looked quite beautiful. I still seem surprised when I complete some of the pieces and I tell myself 'did I really create that'? Most of the photography is done by my 10 year of daughter Diya. From encouragement from my friends I started getting orders and so that's how I stated off!!
I would love to share my creations with you all here and would love to receive feedback to add on to my handcrafted creations. I am also accepting orders if you would just drop me a line at

I have these bracelets available at AUD $8. Handcrafted with love just for ‘YOU’!!

I have this fascination for blue and you may find it in most of my creations ;) This is a simple blue beaded bracelet.

This love bracelet with the evil eye can keep you safe ;)
Another butterfly blue and orange beaded bracelet...
This is a bali bead inspired bracelet...

This fairy wing beaded bracelet is my favourite!!

Waiting to hear from you soon :)

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